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Tai Chi

TAI CHI  - (Tai- Big /Great) (Chi- Ultimate Energy)

A Chinese Martial Art (Tai Chi Chuan), and Chinese phrase meaning Ultimate Fist.

It's known as a soft style of Martial Combat, putting emphasis on relaxed muscle position, as you connect with your breath (Qi-Life force). In a Meditative calm flowing motion. The movements of Tai Chi, combined with attention and intention, help to increase our Qi, or life force. Those rich with this life force feel wonderfully alive and strong. "Meditation in Motion".

The practice helps to become one with the breath(Qi), mind, body, space (energy flow), and balance (Ying/Yang). It allows participants of all ages to come as they are - connecting with oneself and the divine greatness surrounding us.

April 19th-June 21st

$125 (includes all 10 sessions plus $25 registration fee)

$15 drop-in

Taught by Fidel Vicioso of Artists for Creative Theatre, Inc. 

Earlier Event: April 19
Drink & Draw
Later Event: April 20
Open Play with Breakin'